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"Since I discovered as a hacker the code of having vitality, a health of steel and a happy and fulfilling life, I have discovered that my mission in life is to guide others to find their way to the health and well-being they deserve."

Hi, I'm Keren! 👋🏼


I am so happy and grateful that you are here sharing your time and energy with me and our amazing community of like-minded people.


Let me tell you very quickly how I got here ...


At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, I suffered from chronic exhaustion, I developed stress alopecia, I had a hiatal hernia - hello daily medication! among other digestive problems they were my daily life.

At 25 I discovered that I had an eating disorder that made me constantly self-sabotage, chronic diets, militant exercises, slave to the mirror and the scale.

After years of research, re-education and using myself as a guinea pig, I discovered that healthy eating is not as complicated as we think and that it is possible to reverse the disease.


Food is more than cell food for our bodies, it is about the experience and mindset around our eating and lifestyle habits to achieve the health we deserve.


Our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is a combination of the thousands of thoughts, choices, and actions we take to create a way of life.

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Why The Journey by K?

I started my blog when I was studying to become a Health and Wellness Coach and my desire to share what I was learning was enormous, so I decided to create the blog . I called it The Journey - which means The Journey in Spanish, because I was just living my experience in Australia, a journey, an adventure and also; the transformational experience he was undergoing was literally that, an inward journey.


When I returned to Costa Rica - 2 years later, I decided to turn my passion into my business. As an entrepreneur from birth (my first venture was in first grade selling rubber rings sentía) I had that burning desire to take my Coach practice to what I had always longed for: my own company.


Today, my company has become a platform to help hundreds of people around the world achieve the health they deserve through transformation programs , 1-1 coaching sessions, easy and healthy recipes , workshops and recently, Awaken Latin America , an online education platform to certify Health and Wellness Coaches and Health and Wellness programs in companies .

What will you discover in The Journey by K?

If you've ever had times in your life where you've jumped from one diet to another, one trend to another, or you plan and plan to stop later feeling like you've failed, that you weren't that motivated, or that you're not destined to meet your goals. objectives You are not alone!


I have had so many experiences like this in my life not only with my physical health but also with my mental health. I learned throughout this process that life is kind of layered, every choice we make each day is a layer on which we build. Health does not happen overnight, it is not in a powder or potion, health is not a 20-day plan, health is a daily practice .


You are the exact reason why TJbyK is based on serving others out of compassion and love! Through each content, I am here to guide you in designing a way of eating and living that is perfect for your unique needs.


I believe that people should have access to the education they need to support their health in order to make small changes that lead to big results. While we are a health and wellness education company and yes, a company that sells products and services, we are also a company that shares a lot of content for free. I am truly proud, honored and grateful to earn a living in this way.


If you are looking for a sustainable system, a method that suits your life needs and feels amazing, then I am happy that you are here. I think you just met your community!




I packed my bags, sold what I had and moved to Australia for an adventure that would unknowingly change my life and career. From communicator, model to Health and Wellness Coach, today I live my passion and mission to help others find their way to the health and well-being they deserve. Buckle up and join me on this Journey !


Keren Alvarado is a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Life Coach, specializing in holistic health. He has a Bachelor of Public Relations from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica. CEO and Founder of Awaken Latin America and The Journey by K.


With nearly 5 years of experience in transformational coaching with a special focus on health and wellness, Keren has designed strategies and tools that people use to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and change their habits into a lifestyle.




  • Certification in 'Sugar Impact Diet', JJ Virgen.

  • Certification in protocols for Hormonal Balance in men and women with Dr. Anna Cabeca.

  • Certification in protocols for Adrenal Fatigue and Thyroid with Dr. Marcelle Pick.

  • Certification in Health Coaching with an emphasis on Diabetes with Dr. Brian Mowll.

  • Certification in Health Coaching with an emphasis on Autoimmune Conditions, Brain and State of mind.

  • Certification in Health Coaching with an emphasis on Eating Disorders with Dr. Michelle May, MD.


My philosophy

About food


What we eat has a great impact on who we are and what happens in our lives ... How? Research has shown the many ways our bodies are affected by our microbiota (gut flora), stress, inflammation, genetics, and lifestyle. What we eat sends messages to the cells of our body and mind, which impacts our sense of self, how we feel and how we show ourselves to the world.


My philosophy is about teaching you to listen and honor your body by focusing on foods rich in nutrients, responsible for the environment and primarily what our mother earth gives us - what I call "real food"; without stopping having your glass of wine, pizza with your friends or your favorite dessert.


About life


Because feeling amazing doesn't just have to do with what you eat. Feeling amazing includes all the aspects of your life that allow you to be your best version, get the best of life, love and happiness. This will always be our final goal.


If we begin to change the story that we tell ourselves around what nourishes us, we can see that deep down this contains a message in the form of full enjoyment, movement, love, connection with ourselves and with the rest of the world.


About yourself


Your thoughts create your reality, literally! Did you know that we have between 40,000 and 60,000 thoughts a day? From the moment we wake up to the moment we enter a deep sleep where we unconsciously think. While we sleep, our subconscious mind is still processing thoughts. That's a lot of thinking!

So, let me ask you this:

  • What are you thinking?

  • What is going on in your beautiful head?

  • What are you repeating over and over?


What if I told you that your thoughts no longer have to be on autopilot? You have a choice! You can be and do what your heart desires, you are beautiful and unstoppable.


Not real food

need ingredients,

is an ingredient

Small Green Plants
Taking Picture of Food
Running Up
Chocolate Popsicles

How can I help you?

My health and wellness coaching programs can help you master meal planning, reset your digestion, manage health issues through eating, changing habits and lifestyle, as well as learning the basics of simple eating. without ceasing to be delicious.


My latest addition to the menu of options in The Journey by K, is the entrepreneurship section where I will be sharing my best advice on how to make your entrepreneurship a profitable business, but with soul and heart. I want to share with you what more than 7 years of experience as an entrepreneur and businesswoman has left me, what I would have liked to know when I started. So don't worry, I'm here for you!

Take a look at the favorites by my clients:

- 90-day Total Transformation Program

- International Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching

- Articles on Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing, Entrepreneurship and Lifestyle

- 4-Life Framework® | Health and Wellbeing in companies



We are your tribe


I know - and many who have joined the TJbyK community - what it's like to feel really good and we try to maintain the status quo, but it also happens to us that we suddenly fall off the wagon, due to #life 😑 but we know exactly what to do to get back on that wagon and we want to help you too. We are super grateful to have you in our community to learn together.

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